I have a few questions I want to ask

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I have a few questions I want to ask

Post by Celena »

In the response from the API I see that AccessTokens last 10 minutes (600 seconds). But the refresh token doesn't have an expiration listed. Is it safe to assume it will always work? Or is there an expiration on the refresh token, at which time we need a new auth code to start over from scratch?

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Re: I have a few questions I want to ask

Post by mholmemi »

Hi Celena,

This is Mikaela from Bullhorn Support.

While the refresh tokens don't expire, they will only valid until you generate the next one. A valid refresh token can be used to generate a new access token, which also gives you a new refresh token. Once you have a new access token, you can make the GET /login call again to generate a new BhRestToken.

We advise storing each new refresh token locally so that it can be used programmatically to generate new sessions.

I hope that helps!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Mikaela Holme-Miller | Tier II/Enterprise Support Analyst

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