API Custom Objects from within Bullhorn and oscp

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API Custom Objects from within Bullhorn and oscp

Post by Ray264 »

Please, can someone help?

I'm trying to figure out how to API REST update a custom object in Bullhorn which has for eg name, language, job title etc.. with already candidates information in their profile area "edit". So I added this custom object with lots of fields that I want to update with already candidates in the system. When new people apply they would apply from the oscp and i would create a form that they will fill in and that would populate the custom object if they not in the system already...

Hope this makes sense and hope someone can help or advise the best way...
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Re: API Custom Objects from within Bullhorn and oscp

Post by agrossman »

Hi Ray264,

The following URL should be helpful for you as it covers working with Custom Objects via REST API: http://bullhorn.github.io/Custom-Objects/

Please review that and let me know if you have any questions!
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