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JobSubmission doc : contradiction

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 5:24 pm
by bgpayne
This is the note in the description of the "JobSubmission" in your documentation:
Note: When you set the status field of a JobSubmission to “New Lead”, it becomes a web response, which is an informal job submission. When you update another status, it becomes a formal job submission. When you create a web response, set the dateWebResponse field to the current date. When you update a web response to make it a formal job submission, set the dateAdded field to the current date.
And then looking at the described fields right below, we see that the "Read only" column is checked for the "dateAdded" field:
dateAdded - Timestamp - Date on which this JobSubmission record was created in the Bullhorn system. - X - X
The "dateWebResponse" field also mentions that this field should be updated:
dateWebResponse - Timestamp - When a new web response is added, set the dateWebResponse field to the current timestamp. When a web response is promoted to a submission, update the dateAdded property to the current timestamp. - X -
What am I to do? :?: