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Search/Query entities by ID

Post by YoricksEyebrow »

First time using the API and I've come across search/query behaviour which, to my newbie eyes, seems strange.
Specifying one or more "ID" values which I know match existing records, exhibits inconsistent responses.

I see similar results in the Candidate, JobSubmission and JobOrder entity endpoints but here is an example using the candidate endpoint and the POST method to define the query. That said, I get the same results when I use the GET method too.

I've detailed (redacted) request/responses below, my question is why the API does not return the matching records in every one of these requests?

Thanks for your help.


Range Query (post body)
{"query": "id:[12685 TO 12693]"}

-- these are the 2 records I'm interested in
-- so I'll use an IN query...
IN Query (post body)
{"query": "id:12686 12692"}
-- neither records are returned?

-- I'll retry the range, bounded by the 2 ID's
Range Query (post body)
{"query": "id:[12686 TO 12692]"}
-- only one of the records are returned when I am expecting 2

-- specify the ID's separately
Query (post body)
{"query": "id:12686"}
{"query": "id:12692"}
RESP is the same for both POSTS
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