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Unable to get access_token with REST API GET request

Posted: Fri Dec 20, 2019 11:36 am
by artxor
We have issues getting acces_token(we stuck already on first step):
when we tring to get token as it described in documentation with next GET request: ... assword=aP(tTV2g7dfCzp~w&action=Login
Postman returns just login page with password invitation instead response with access_token

Our site is located on CLS91 sandbox and we tried,, as server name with same unsucceseful results.

If we tried to get token with Postman Collection it return OAuth error Invalid Redirect URI: null

Anyway we need clear request to get authorization for exchange data between BullHorn and our application.

And I suppose our Bullhorn system need some specific configuration.

Any help will be appriciate
Thank you