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Unable to get an authorization code

Posted: Tue Dec 24, 2019 7:38 am
by artxor

I have an issue when I tried pass steps to authorize with REST API. Actually I stuck already on first step. When we send GET Request for obtain authorization code it returns with "Invalid credentials" code. We use next link : <URL url=" ... <LINK_TEXT text=" ... tion=Login"> ... TEXT></URL>

We have dedicated API user but when we tried to uuse this credentials it returns with Authorization page.<br/>

We tried use direct link and Postman. Also we tried to use Postman collection with BullHorn requests - with same unsucceseful result - when we tried to get tocken, it returns with null Redirect URI reference.<br/>

We definitely use right credentials, but probably we missed some configuration for API, I didn't find any info about it.<br/>

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you