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Filtering with datetimes does not work on JPQL queries

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 5:27 am
by dreameral
Hey Bullhorn support,

I am encountering an incorrect behaviour from your side when filtering with datetime columns. For example, see the JSON below:

"where": "isDeleted = false AND (dateLastModified < 1464452509857)",
"fields": "id,codeIdentifier,dateLastModified,description,goalPeriodId,goalTypeId,name,isDeleted",
"count": 500,
"start": 0

In the response, there is a record with the dateLastModified=1464452509857, which should be filtered out.

I am testing above the ActivityGoalConfiguration entity, but the same thing happened also with JobOrder entity, and I suppose it is an issue will all the entities that use JPQL queries.

The same behaviour is with the '>' operator.

So to conclude, both '<', '>' are treated as '<=', '>=' respectively on datetime fields.

Am I missing something here?