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How to call actual Bullhorn API

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2020 1:39 am
by kuldeeptyagi1
Hi Team,

I am able to authorize and able to login with domain/URL.After successfull login below: ... 1dcb68914e

I am able to get below information

"BhRestToken": "15ed6443-b491-4985-80a8-7a8749b3e1de",
"restUrl": " ... es/62qx34/"

After successful login I am trying actual Bullhorn opportunity API with below bullhorn API collection

BullHorn collection API:


Now I have replaced Rest URL with my rest URL received at the time of login ... 0}?fields=*

but getting below message:

"message": "no route and no API found with those values"

Please expert suggest how can I fetch actual Bullhorn API data with my restURL.