Inconsistent Data received from Candidate API

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Inconsistent Data received from Candidate API

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Hi Team,

Please see our observation below for Bullhorn inconsistent data,

1. We have configured the field mapping for field "customInt21" and label as "veteran_snap". Please refer the attached screen(Bullhorn_field_mapping.png)
2. Then we configured the WOTC 8850 form and add the Flowback target for custom field configured above. Please refer the attached screen(Bullhorn_form_Configuration.png)
3. Candidate then fill this form and uncheck the option as shown in attached screenshot. Please see the attached screenshot(Bullhorn_form_field.png).
4. Connector periodically pull the subscription data from Bullhorn. Please see the candidate payload below,

"customText3":"software enginner",
"zip":"NEW YORK",
"city":"NEW YORK",
"address1":"NEW YORK",
"state":"NEW YORK",
"countryName":"United States",

As we uncheck the option for field "customInt21" it is expected to received the data as NULL or 0 but still we are getting the value as "1". Please check the response above for more details and you can see the value of "customInt21"

Connector is receiving the inconsistent data for other fields as well. Could you please look into it? Please let us know if anything required
Bullhorn_field_mapping.png (73.85 KiB) Viewed 209 times
Bullhorn_form_Configuration.png (112.9 KiB) Viewed 209 times

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Re: Inconsistent Data received from Candidate API

Post by tluczak »


Integer fields in Bullhorn can only contain numerals. Anything other than an integer will be disregarded and not saved.

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