How to get emails sent count per user

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How to get emails sent count per user

Post by dbbhadm »

New user to this forum, had a quick question.
Our BH users use BH to directly send emails to a candidate or a contact.
Sometimes one on one or sometimes using tearsheets they send out mass email.
How can i get a count of email sent by each user on a daily basis through their BH online account?
I have API access, so wondering how to pull that data?
Any help you can provide will help!
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Re: How to get emails sent count per user

Post by bbagwell »

Greetings dbbhadm,

This forum is specifically for API forums and usage. Your request seems to follow more along the lines of support with the Bullhorn ATS product. I would recommend reaching out to support and opening a ticket using this article: ... -616721232

Thank You!
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