API to Get Status History Details

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API to Get Status History Details

Post by krishnaiyer »

We went through the documentation and Support forum still no luck on that bit as we couldn’t find much information on this.

The ask is very simple, can we get Status History data via your existing API so that we can leverage that at our end to build our application. I have shared a screen shot of how its present in the Product. Image

I did call your team but again they mentioned that we need to check the documentation page, as I mentioned above it’s not their in the documentation so do we have an alternate way here to get the data.
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Re: API to Get Status History Details

Post by pmularski »

Good Morning Krishnaiyer,

My apologies for missing this post. In case you were still stuck on this issue, you would need to look for the edit history entries. There is not a specific API call for status changes alone, but I personally would suggest using the following.

http://bullhorn.github.io/rest-api-docs ... ieldchange

This will allow you to drill down on the specific field.

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