Where to update the assessmentUrl for Candidate evaluation

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Where to update the assessmentUrl for Candidate evaluation

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Dear Bullhorn Support,

We are a talent assessment company building an integration with Bullhorn REST APIs. Have following queries:

1.) We would be subscribing to "JobSubmission" entity event. On creation of a JobSubmission we would initiate Candidate Registration at our end. As completion of Candidate Registration we would generate an AssessmentUrl for the Candidate, which needs to be updated at Bullhorn end. However, we are not able to map any relevant field in JobSubmission entity for this.
a.) Which entity do you suggest that we use alternately (Candidate or JobOrder) to update any such custom field ? We shall need to store say Object = {JobSubmissionId, AssessmentUrl} or perhaps list of such objects.

2.) We subscribe to "JobOrder" entity event. On creation of JobOrder, we process the notification and need to update the list of assessment packages {name, description} in the JobOrder entity.
a.) What is the best way to do that ?
b.) If we put a JSON of List of Object in "JobOrder.customTextBlock1" say, can Bullhorn deserialize and understand the same ?
c.) Is it possible to fit this information effectively in "JobOrder.customsObject1s", how ?

Warm Regards,
Mukul Jain
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Re: Where to update the assessmentUrl for Candidate evaluation

Post by lciastko »

Hey there,

1a) You can use a Candidate customText Field to store temporary data. I would recommend utilizing one that is not currently in use.

2a) You would need to do this using multiple requests. You would need to first use a GET to pull the new data, then a second call to update the record as needed.

2b) No, a TextBlock is a raw text field.

2c) This is not possible. Custom Objects are not single fields.

Hopefully this helps!
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