List Candidates with NO notes of certain action

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List Candidates with NO notes of certain action

Post by candell »

How would we, using the REST API, produce a list of candidates who have NOT had a note within the last 12 weeks of a certain action type?

I can pull all candidates, pull all corporateUsers and pull all notes where action = 'Candidate Call' and dateAdded >= last 12 weeks. That will give me candidates who have been called, so then work out the ones that haven't been called using the full candidate list, but that seems like a very long way around it.

Is there a better way?


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Re: List Candidates with NO notes of certain action

Post by lauraingalls »

Hi candell,

Could the following call be used? You may need to modify the parameters for dates and what fields are returned as well.,firstName,lastName&query=dateLastComment:[20200427 TO 20200511235959] AND NOT"action:(candidate call) AND isDeleted:false" AND hasNotes:(true) AND NOT status:Archive&showTotalMatched=true

Let me know if that gives you the right results. If not, I'll take another look.

Laura Ingalls
Bullhorn Enterprise Support Analyst

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