Retreive *All* Candidates in BH via API Call

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Retreive *All* Candidates in BH via API Call

Post by michaelgtr »

Is it possible to make an API call to Bullhorn to retrieve a list of *all* candidates in the system? I see the GET and POST version of the Search and Find API calls, but those rely on Lucene type syntax for a query and the Lucene syntax doesn't seem to allow for simply using just * for a wildcard search to retrieve all Candidate records in a single call. Is there an alternative call or approach or query syntax I can use to retrieve the list of all Candidates from Bullhorn?

Thanks! Any help appreciated in advance!

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Re: Retreive *All* Candidates in BH via API Call

Post by lauraingalls »

Hi Michael,

Yes, it is possible to make an API call to retrieve all candidates. It would look something like this: search/Candidate?query=isDeleted:0&fields=id,firstName,lastName,email,phone,status&sort=id&count=500&start=1

The call would be dependent on the fields you're pulling for candidates as well. Depending on how many candidates and how much data, this may take multiple calls to prevent any time out issues, so you'd want to adjust the "start=1" portion based on each round of results.

Within the forum, there are similar posts for retrieving candidates, so you may find a better formatted call for exactly what you need within one of those posts too.

Laura Ingalls
Bullhorn Enterprise Support Analyst
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