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To get description field from Entity Files for multiple candidate

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:30 am
by bharathbhdisys
Hi Team,

I am trying to get the field "description" from the entity "EntityFiles" for multiple candidates at one go. Could you please help me with the API ?

Currently i have tried with the below API and thus yield one candidate one time.

Get Method ... a9a4d4ce92

Sample Output

Code: Select all

            "id": 14680803,
            "name": "Muhammad Ellahi Resume IS .pdf",
            "type": "Resume",
            "fileType": null,
            "description": "Resume added from Careerbuilder via the web API",
            "contentType": "application",
            "contentSubType": "pdf",
            "externalID": "resume",
            "dateAdded": 1600230549387,
            "isPrivate": false,
            "distribution": "general",
            "isExternal": false,
            "fileExtension": ".pdf",
            "isDeleted": false,
            "fileUrl": ""
Unable to download the file using the file url ... 7/14680803
Please advise on this as well?

Thanks & Regards,
Bharath Kumar B