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sending jobcv to a submission

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 4:12 am
by Krisel
Hi all,
im trying to programatically send a cv along with a job submission. Im able to attach a file to the candidate but this file comes as a simple attachment and fileType comes empty in bullhorn dashboard. Also this atachment is not reflected as a cv sent to a job submission the candidate made. Here is the code im using:

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$params = [
                        "fileContent" => $fileContent,
                        "externalID" => "portfolio",
                        "name" => $fileName,
                        "fileType" => "SAMPLE",
                        "type" => 'cover',

                    $response = $this->client->request(
                            'body' => json_encode($params)
Can anyone help me. Thanks in advance!