Merge Candidates Via API?

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Merge Candidates Via API?

Post by jcorbinloy »

I am interested in merging candidates through the API as my company has a few thousand duplicate records in our system. Is there any direct API call that will achieve the same functionality the merge candidate option serves? If not, can I have a breakdown of how the merge function works so I can re-create it with individual API calls?

Any information or alternative is appreciated,
thank you!
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Re: Merge Candidates Via API?

Post by ggaragiola »

Hello jcorbinloy,

This is Grant from Bullhorn Support

We did not build merging records functionality into WebServices API. When you merge two records in Bullhorn, several different actions are taken. It is certainly possible to code an equivalent process using various different API operations we have built into WebServices, but outright there is not a merge operation.

Please reference this article for further understanding on everything that happens when you merge two records: ... 1166053752

Thank you
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