Job Submissions Filtered by Status

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Job Submissions Filtered by Status

Post by kelleymedica »


I'm trying to get job submissions for a specific job order with a specific status. Below is my request URL (without sensitive information). This returns an empty array for me, which should not be the case. When I request this without any status requirement I get all the submissions successfully, including those with the status I want to filter for.

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const requestUrl = `${CONFIG.BH_REST_URL}/search/JobSubmission?${ID}%20AND%20status:Client%20Submission&BhRestToken=${CONFIG.BH_REST_TOKEN}&fields=id,candidate,comments,status,jobOrder,sendingUser,source&count=75&sort=status`
Thank you!
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Re: Job Submissions Filtered by Status

Post by davidchalfin »


When it comes to filtering things like this, the specific status of the job order needs to be referenced. I would recommend to start with to check the field mappings to confirm the value of the status you are wanting to filter for and be sure that you are using the actual value rather than just the display value. Additionally, I would test to see if this also occurs when filtering for a different status or if the issue is only with this status.

Please let me know what you see!
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