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Invalid Client ID when API Auth Attempt

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:53 pm
by akarisho1994

I am attempting to make a POST request to the Bullhorn API in order to retrieve the AuthToken through this URL: - which turns to

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when I make the request.

The BullHorn OAuth API sends a response object back with

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status: 200

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statusText: OK
but the data property returned contains this string:

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<title>Bullhorn OAuth Error - Invalid Client Id</title>
<h1>Bullhorn OAuth Error</h1>
<h2>Invalid Client Id</h2>
            Client Id:
As you can tell, it says that the Client ID is invalid. But I've checked numerous times if it was the right one and it still doesn't seem to be working.

Would anyone / the Bullhorn moderators know what the exact problem is?