OAuth flow issues

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OAuth flow issues

Post by justinw »


We’ve created an integration with Bullhorn and are having trouble with the OAuth flow, which is behaving differently for a customer than it did for our developer credentials

The process we're following using our developer credentials is,
Ask the customer to enter their username/password/clientid/clientsecret
Use these details to make the request,
GET https://auth.bullhornstaffing.com/oauth ... tion=Login
Get the code from the Location header (Location: http://www.bullhorn.com?code={code}) of the redirect response and use it to make a request for tokens,
POST https://auth.bullhornstaffing.com/oauth ... ation_code} to get an access token & refresh token

This process works fine as long as we do not provide a redirect_uri to the /authorize endpoint with our developer credentials, if we do give a redirect_uri we get back "Invalid Redirect URI"

For the customer, they have contacted Bullhorn support and have been given a username/password/clientid/clientsecret, they were also asked for a redirect_uri
When we follow the above steps the GET /authorize endpoint returns a HTML page response with a "Get Consent" header instead of the JSON response with the access code as seen with our developer credentials.

I'm unsure if our developer credentials are setup incorrectly and we should be adding a redirect_uri to the /authorize endpoint where the customer will see the Bullhorn login or consent page then get redirected back to our page with the code in the URL instead of being redirected to http://www.bullhorn.com?code={code} or if the customers OAuth client was setup incorrectly and the /authorize endpoint should not be returning a HTML 'Get Consent' page. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated,

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Re: OAuth flow issues

Post by ytorres »


This would require a ticket with our Support team so that we can confirm that the credentials provided are valid. Please feel free to call Support at
(617) 478-9126 or you can create a ticket through the Bullhorn Community by clicking on "Help".

Thank you!
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