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clientContact not getting associated to clientCorporation

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2021 4:46 pm
by reynacho
I have a clientCorporation created. Then I add a clientContact to that corporation. CorporationID is 19656, so the included JSON for the create is:

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{"namesuffix":"","phone":"126-456-7890","clientCorporation":{"id":19656},"comments":"","firstname":"Angela","email":"","email2":"","division":"","nickname":"","status":"New Lead","lastname":"Test","address":{"zip":"01852","city":"lowell","countryID":1,"state":"ma","address1":"1 main st","address2":""},"occupation":"","phone2":"","fax":"","mobile":""}
I get a successful INSERT response with ID 331715 created. But if I go to this clientCorporation in the website, no contacts are listed. So, I then try to do an update passing this JSON:

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Again, I get a successful UPDATE response from the API, but still no contacts show up for that clientCorporation. Where am I going wrong?