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Willing to relocate does work properly

Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2021 3:54 pm
by nikolanajdov
Hi all,

I'm working on a Laravel project and I'm having trouble with willRelocate attribute. As I can see it is a boolean value, so when I update the Candidate, I send a boolean request but when I visit bullhorn, it lists it as the boolean true value where it should be Yes or No, respectively. Also, this causes an error on Candidate edit where it selects both Yes and No values as active if it's true and it selects none of them if it's false.

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue ?


Re: Willing to relocate does work properly

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 2:47 pm
by babshire

Can you provide the username that you are using so that I can investigate this issue for you?