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Bullhorn OAuth Error - null Redirect URI

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2021 5:50 pm
by dwellmanhp

We are using the Bullhorn REST API with client ID 1d9d5976-d634-4ca9-84ea-c27037e5ad00. Today, June 14, 2021 from 15:47 to around 18:28 UTC we noticed intermittent problems where users would get an error attempting to authenticate with the Bullhorn using OAuth 2. They would get the message "Bullhorn OAuth Error / Invalid Redirect URI/ Redirect URI: null ..." Later in the day we noticed consistent successful authentications when we tried to connect, starting around 20:31 UTC.

We initiated these calls by redirecting the user's browser from our app to a URL with this form (I grabbed this sample URL from a browser page which shows the Bullhorn login form): ... ...&state=...

I've elided the redirect URL and state parameters in this message.

Were there intermittent service error with the Bullhorn OAuth2 service at this time, or is there some change we should make in our implementation?

Thank you for your assistance,

Daniel Wellman

Re: Bullhorn OAuth Error - null Redirect URI

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2021 11:21 am
by nicholasloynd
There were some intermittent login and search issues on Monday that may have caused this. For future reference you can always check for up to date status changes and issues.