Managing Skills via API

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Managing Skills via API

Post by dwellmanhp »


We currently add Skills to a Candidate when we create them via the Bullhorn REST API.

To do this, we have a one-time process where we give the user a CSV of Skill names, then ask them to:
1. In their Bullhorn instance, open the menu, click on the Admin folder, then select Categories
2. Click on the "Add Categories" tab
3. Name the new category (e.g. "Imported Skills") and set the Type to Normal
4. Paste the CSV data into the Additional Skills box
5. Click Save to save the new category of skills

When we create candidates, we look up the skill IDs in Bullhorn via an API call, then include this in the body to the PUT /entity/Candidate command:

Code: Select all

 // other attributes 
 primarySkills: {
    replaceAll: [ array of Skill IDs ]
 // other attributes


1. Is this the appropriate way to add skills to the Candidate? I found a post in this support forum referring to Categories and Skills, but this link shows a maintenance page: ... pecialties
2. Is there some way to create the Skills via the API, rather than relying on a one-time import using the steps I described at the top of this message? We periodically add new skills to our system, so we'd need to add them to the customer's Bullhorn instance as well. I tried making a PUT request to /entity/Skills but got an error from the API:

Code: Select all

{"errorMessage"=>"Operation CREATE not allowed on entity Skill", "errorMessageKey"=>"errors.cannotPerformOperation", "errorCode"=>400}
3. If it is not possible to create Skills via the API, how do you advise we keep the customer's Bullhorn instance refreshed with the latest skills our application knows about? Ask the user edit the Category/Skills described in the process at the top of this message when we add new skills?

Thank you for your help!

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Re: Managing Skills via API

Post by pmularski »

Greetings Dan,

Currently Categories and Skills are read only, so there is not a functional way of adding these entities using REST. In all honesty, if your current process works for you and the client, feel free to keep doing it. ... pecialties
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