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Searching in Array

Post by kinim0d »

Is there any way to search in an array (e.g. skillSet) using search?

I have tried this and a couple other options, but I was never able to fetch candidates this way: ... ry=id:1099 AND (business) MEMBER OF skillSet&count=12&start=0&BhRestToken=...

In this search I was trying to get the cadidate with 1099 who has "business" in his skillSet, but no results were returned.

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Re: Searching in Array

Post by DanJSupport »

Hi Kinim0d,

MEMBER OF is restricted to certain association fields. The skillSet field is a string. So you would want to use a format such as this:

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GET /search/Candidate?fields={fields}&sort=-id&start=0&count=25&query=isDeleted:0  AND skillSet:(+Business) AND NOT status:Archive&&BhRestToken=
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