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API status

Post by leonardosalatino »

Hi, is there some place to check the statuses for the different API services?

I'm asking this because today all my apps have been failing in Sandbox environments for one hour or so. We faced an API error trying to get a session token, but in https://status.bullhorn.com/ everything looks normal.
I checked in postman and faced the same error. I was able to get the access code, then the access token but wasn't able to get the session token (attached error) when calling to https://rest.bullhornstaffing.com/rest-services/login
This is working now, but just wondering if there is a place to validate API status.

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Re: API status

Post by khenle »


The information on status.bullhorn.com does have a section under the Bullhorn clusters that will show the status specifically for the Sandbox environments, which are separated by Swimlane. We recommend referencing this section first for the status of any issues that might be affecting your Sandbox environment.

However, if you encounter an issue with your environment experiencing an issue despite the status page showing your Swimlane as Operational, you can also put in a ticket with our Support team so that we can investigate further.
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