Het all jobs from bullhorn api

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Het all jobs from bullhorn api

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Can anyone plz let me know how will get all jobs from this url http://www.bullhornreach.com/jobs/ to my website. Currently i am getting the jobs which i created from my personal bullhorn account .

I am connecting to bullhorn api using following code :

private $_wsdl_url = "https://api.bullhornstaffing.com/webservices-2.5/?wsdl";
private $_auth = NULL;
private $_client = NULL;
private $_params = array(
'trace' => 1,
'soap_version' => 'SOAP_1_1',

* Initializes the connection to the bullhorn API
public function __construct($username, $password, $api_key)
// Build an Authentication Request
$this->_auth = new stdClass();
$this->_auth->username = $username;
$this->_auth->password = $password;
$this->_auth->apiKey = $api_key;

// init the client
$this->_client = new SoapClient($this->_wsdl_url, $this->_params);

* Get a client object

public function get_session()
// Get the session ID
return $this->_client->startSession($this->_auth)->return->session;

let me know asap.

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