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Bullhorn Angular Career Portal

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I'm attempting to test out the Bullhorn Angular Career Portal ( located here: https://github.com/bullhorn/career-portal ). My use case involves getting access to the company job listing from our angular client.

However, every request that the client makes to the Bullhorn API Servers is met with 500 - Internal Server Errors.

For example, the app tries to make a call to https://public-rest[SWIMLANE].bullhornstaffing.com/rest-services/[CORPTOKEN]/query/JobBoardPost?where=(isOpen=true)&fields=id,title,publishedCategory(id,name),address(city,state),employmentType,dateLastPublished,publicDescription,isOpen,isPublic,isDeleted&count=20&orderBy=-dateLastPublished&start=0

I have filled in the swimlane and corptoken with the appropriate values obtained from bullhorn customer service. The result of this call is a 500 Internal Server Error.

any ideas as to why this can't be used? Unfortunately, for this iteration of our client, we are not making use of a backend of any kind, so the traditional REST api usage is not possible.
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