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Api UserId

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As part of an integration I am working on, we need to get the user id of the bullhorn user that has logged in to our system to make use of api access. Using the query https://rest22.bullhornstaffing.com/res ... Token=xxxx I can get the correct user ID. However, I have noticed that if I am logged in to the main bullhorn app itself (https://app.bullhornstaffing.com/) it can confuse the issue as in the following scenario.

Logged in to https://app.bullhornstaffing.com/ as UserA.
Logged in to our api connected system as UserB
perform a query https://rest22.bullhornstaffing.com/res ... Token=xxxx, instead of returning the userId for UserB, it returns the userId for UserA. (In this instance I can also remove the BhRestToken param too).

Is there a rest query I can use, to get the userid of the account authenticated to make api calls (providing their BhRestToken), or will it always prioritize the user id of the person logged in on https://app.bullhornstaffing.com/ ?.

This is obviously edge case scenario and not something I'd expect to see often (and indeed we can get around it, by using 2 different browsers), but It would be good to have something I can tell the recruiter if they do query this with us.
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