REST API returning partial matches

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REST API returning partial matches

Post by candell »


I noticed something today that I didn't expect. A search on for "Bob Smith"

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Will return companies such as

Bob Smith Ltd
Bob Smith Corp

where I would have expected a direct match.

Is this expected behavior? Does this matching apply to all fields (including candidate emails which is what I use to look up candidate info)?

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Re: REST API returning partial matches

Post by jenmays »

Yes, because you have searched for "Bob Smith," your results will be any clientCorporation with "Bob," a space," and "Smith" in the name. It doesn't exclude results with additional words before or after the quotes. This is how the search function works inside of the application.

When searching for email addresses, this wouldn't be an issue, as an email address is generally a unique identifier with no spaces. If you were to search for "," then your results would include only ""
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