Filter Jobs by City when page loads

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Filter Jobs by City when page loads

Post by rfint001 »

I have a Wordpress site which is using the Bullhorn plugin to display available jobs in different cities. When the site loads, it displays all jobs in every city and a form is provided to filter the job results to display only jobs from the city the user is interested in. Also, I have other pages on my website which directs visitors to the job-search page, but I would like to direct them in a manner which will automatically load the page with jobs from a specific city.

For example, Landing Page "A" has a link which reads "See Jobs in City X" which directs visitor to the Job Search page where the jobs for city "X" will load automatically without the visitor having to interact with the job filtering tool.

Please let me know if this functionality can be attained and what steps are required. Many thanks for any help you can provide.

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