Placement query by empty customText

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Placement query by empty customText

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Hello team,

We need to retrieve assignment data from Bullhorn when the status is 'Start onboarding' and customText17 is empty. First criteria is going fine, but for the empty customText17 it seems not to work. I tried customText='' and customText17 IS NULL, both not working. Also tried some other cases, but those are less relevant to mention now.

Can you help me to find the right where-clause for this query? Below an example of what I tried. But the result is empty (no elements in data container). ... tus='Start onboarding' AND customText17 IS EMPTY ... tus='Start onboarding' AND customText17 IS NULL ... tus='Start onboarding' AND customText17 = ''

Attached screenshot the result of when the customText17 part of the where-clause is not in the query.

The main question is: how to query on empty/blank customText's?

Hope to hear from you shortly.

Martine Verhave
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