HTTP 500 on POST to .../oauth/token

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HTTP 500 on POST to .../oauth/token

Post by pholser »

The shape of the request body contains:

-- a grant type of "refresh_token"
-- the refresh token itself
-- a client id
-- a client secret

The body of the response is HTML, and includes the phrase:

"HTTP Status 500 - superClusterId could not be determined from token: [refresh-token-expunged]"

Can anyone tell me what this means, and how to resolve it?

Thanks for your help!
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Re: HTTP 500 on POST to .../oauth/token

Post by lulstrup »

Solved via improved parsing of the Authorization Code response. I was not retrieving the whole code (chars:chars) when submitting to the Access Token stage of the process.
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Re: HTTP 500 on POST to .../oauth/token

Post by brianwilsonrt »

I have had help on fixing some of it but I am now having an error with authorization/permission while getting to /oauth/token. wordle 2
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Re: HTTP 500 on POST to .../oauth/token

Post by pmularski »


This may be due to the recent auth changes, which now require that you connect to the client appropriate end point. Previously, you could hit the basic endpoint, and the system would redirect. In order to improve performance, auth calls now need to be sent to the correct end point.

Please run the following GET rest-services/loginInfo request with your API_Username to return the list of correct URLs for that user/client: ... I_Username}
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Re: HTTP 500 on POST to .../oauth/token

Post by realalexvdvalk »

What happens if you have a generic app with users from all various swimlanes? It seems odd that I'd have to request a user to enter their Bullhorn username on a 3rd party website so that i can redirect them to the correct auth server.
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Re: HTTP 500 on POST to .../oauth/token

Post by twillet23 »

I was hoping to ask some follow up questions, but the original announcement from today is locked...

The new documentation references '{value_from_loginInfo}' several times, but never specifically identifies which of the 13 URLs should be interpolated in this variable

it appears the 'oauthUrl' value should be used in the auth endpoint and the 'restUrl' should be used in the login endpoint, but it is not specifically stated. Considering the loginInfo endpoint returns so properties, I think it would be worth the extra detail in the documentation to prevent misunderstandings. Can you confirm my assumptions?

When do we expect the old end points to stop working? I just tested an auth endpoint with '' and I got a normal response.

Also, could you point us to any other documentation about this, like the original announcement? I'm only finding an announcement about the redirectUri.

Thank you!
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